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Poken is revolutionising the event industry with its innovative platform that provides lead generation, event analytics and the ease to network by digitally exchanging business cards at exhibitions, conferences and events.

Poken provide the complete set of tools needed to successfully create and manage an event, enabling you to increase ROI and gain enhanced analytics reporting, higher delegate engagement and a more sustainable way to bring the key elements of your event together.

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Poken Features: more than just an app

  • Attendee networking
  • Fully branded web portal
  • Registration and integration
  • Matchmaking and visitor profiling
  • Sponsorship revenue generation
  • Lead generation and real time event analytics
  • Gamification

Attendee networking

Exchange digital business cards and collect digital content with a touch. Watch interactions change as event attendees use their Pokens to spark conversation. Poken offers an opportunity to create new leads and business relationships in an engaging environment, using the bespoke networking tool.

Fully branded web portal

Manage all aspects of your event through an online event management platform. Control and cus-tomise everything from registration through to meeting scheduling, exhibitor matchmaking, social media, sponsorship, gaming and more. Drive attendees to the customisable online portal with their own personal log in to increase attendee engagement before, during and after the event.

Registration and integration

Poken can provide the tools you need for a complete event management system, from registration through to onsite deployment, analytics reporting and session attendance tracking. Our platform can also be integrated with other event management systems, to ensure a seamless event experience from start to finish.

Matchmaking and visitor profiling

The matchmaking service enhances communication between visitor and exhibitor allowing them to make the most of their time at the show. Both visitor and exhibitor can answer pre-defined questions, allowing you to list your matches based on common interests. By having this knowledge, meetings can be scheduled in advance between exhibitor and delegate, allowing individuals to build their own event agenda and shape a personal event experience.

Sponsorship revenue generation

Capitalise upon Poken’s sponsorship and branding opportunities to generate maximum exposure and visibility for your event sponsor(s). Our online web portal provides the opportunity for event sponsors to interact with delegates, allowing them to retrieve quality leads and increase sales post-event.

Lead generation and real time event analytics

Poken can provide a full platform for collecting delegate data – providing insight into consumer trends, industry movements and post-event analysis of marketing effort. It is user friendly and allows for tracking, even while the event is going on, providing valuable analytics and return on interest for organisers and sponsors.


This is a popular feature and a great way to drive delegate behaviour and engagement. Our inbuilt gaming engine is customisable, allowing you to create the platform that best achieves your event objectives.

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